Flexible LED Video curtain Display design for stage,entertainment,architecture lighting,video or backdrop

Have you ever seen the LED display which can be used like clothes? Please check it out if you say No to me, let’s say Goodbye to hard panels:

1) Flexible or soft material, can be folded for any shapes, all sizes is available;

2) Low weight and small volume for convenient transport;

3) Easy and fast installation (total 1 Hour) , just hang indoor and outdoor (IP54);

4) Linkcable panels allow for small to big screen;

5) All-in-one control system with PC, laptop, camera, DVD player;

6) Compatible to MAC, WIN7,VISTA,XP and media software,suach as Arkaos,Madrix……

7) Waterproof, fireproof, antidust and durable quality (2-year warranty);

8) Maintainance without difficulty-LED can be replaced easily.

Email me to get one at: huasuntech@aol.com