Flexible LED video curtain screen display special feature compare to cabinet led panel display!

1,Flexible display panels with tri-color RGB SMD LEDs for bright and colorful projection of videos and graphics,text

2,Modular display concept allows the built-up of large areas, ideal for outdoor use with large viewing distances

3,Bendable and foldable PVC material suitable for various shapes, e.g. columns, circles, triangle,angles...

4,Fast and simple installation, indoor and outdoor (IP 44) Truss suspension via belts;

5, Water-resistant and fire-retardant;

6,Low weight and small volume for convenient transport;

7,Easy maintenance - LEDs can be replaced without difficulty;

8,All-in-one control system T9: network interface (each 640 x 128 pixels max.) and software LED Show T9- ideal system for mobile use with notebooks with 1-gigabit NIC Control system 2, LED studio: DVI interface ;

9,Compatible to media software such as arkao,Madrix,Windows media player....

10,Available in different sizes.