Flexible LED curtain display Control System:hardware,software needed-How to connect to DVD,Camera for Live show and work with DVI,VGA,HDMI,SDI,Y/C,AUDIO interface

Control system: Hardware: (3 options)

1, DVI control system: (This LED screen control system is LINSN,Software is LED studio)
--Sending card HC-103 or 801 and HC-101 receiving card must work together with your computer or laptop. Only two cables are connected, one DVI, the other is USB from PC to controller.
  Note: you need the computer with DVI interface or owned a USB to DVI adaptor.
2, Network easy control system: (This LED screen control system software is LED SHOW-T9)
--HC-102 receiving card link computer directly to LED video curtain via CAT5 by LAN cable.Do not need sending card.
 Note: There will be a GIGABIT network card in your computer or a USB to GIGABIT adaptor.


3,Professional video switcher system:
--The video processor solution has DVI,VGA,HDMI,SDI,Audio interface for professional application,it can be support by DVD,Cameras,sound equipment, also for the Third party video mix software-Arkaos,Resolume,Madix,VJ software...

The video processor interface view: DVI,VGA,HDMI,Y/C,RJ45,RS23S,AUDIO OUTPUT


1,What is the software we are using for video processor or sending card-103,801 with HC-101?

The software is LINSN- LED STUDIO software, support DVI,VGA,Y/C,SDI,HDMI...

you can download from : https://public.me.com/bboyink  The file name is : New LINSN-LED STUDIO.rar

2,How to configure the software?

Fist of all, you just need install the software into your pc or laptop;

Then, load the RCG file which i send to you;

Finally, you play the video in your pc or notebook.

3,Can the software work with Windows media player or any other third software:ARKAOS,MADRIX?

Yeah,exactly! Our software work with Arkaos Grand VJ, Madrix, and any VJ software (I offer Madrix pro too)

4, Does the flexible led curtain screen work with MAC?

 Yes, The curtain can run with MAC, but you need have a VJ software, like Arkaos,Madrix.. in your MAC.