What is the standard size or what size is available,how to calculate the size for Flexible LED display?

1,Question: what is the standard size or what size is available for led curtain, how to calculate the size?
1, Any size of LED curtain is available. there is not a standard size which limit you too,only suggested size for each panel.

2,How to calculate the size?
Each pitch size model will have exact size for each module,so you need add or reduce your size according to the module size.
Take 20mm pitch for example, each module size is 0.32m,so your size will be 0.32,0.64,0.96,1.28m.......

Pls check the following chart for your reference for all FLC series:

2,Recommended panel size for each model :(The panel will be connected for a big display or used separately.It is good for packing,transportation and installation.)

18mm, 1.46 by 2.336 wideth meters
20mm:  2.56 by 1.28 wideth meters 
25mm:  2.4 by 1.6 wideth meters 
37.5mm: 3 by 2.4 wideth meters  
50mm: 3.2 by 2.4 wideth meters
75mm: 3.6 by 2.4 wideth meters  
100mm: 3.2 by 3.2m wideth meters  

3,MOQ: The best size for video or image display for each model or for a sample.(These size is for 2 panels connection)

18mm, 1.46 by 2.336 wideth meters  (One panel)

20mm: 2.56 by 2.56 wideth meters   (Two panels)

25mm: 2.4 by 3.2 wideth meters     (Two panels)

37.5mm: 3 by 4.8 wideth meters     (Two panels)

50mm: 3.2 by 4.8 wideth meters     (Two panels)

75mm: 3.6 by 4.8 wideth meters     (Two panels)

100mm: 3.2 by 6.4m wideth meters  (Two panels)