LED video wall software setup (Nova star, Linsn, Color light, Mooncell)

Galaxias Series Roll up LED curtain panel use the following control systems:

Nova studio (From Nova Star) for HC-103N sending card+HC-101N receiving card;

How to setup the Nova studio for Soft LED curtain?

Config steps:

1, Open Nova Star as Administrator
(Mouse on desk label of Nova – click right mouse – choose open as administrator)
2, Step 1: 
Choose [User (U)]

 [Advanced Login(A)]

Enter password 666
3,Step 2 Into the [Screen Config] interface
 Click: Next
4, Click: [Load File] Load the rcfg file(File from manuafacturer)
5,[send To HW] 
6,Click [Config] to make the connect of the panels
Then choose [Standard Screen] for next

1, The quantity of panels connected in [Columns] and [Rows]

2, [Port Index] in the sending Box, there are many Port, choose the right one the ether net connected
PS: The 1st  port is the one near the green light of sending box

   3, [Width] [Height], please add the real data, like
[Width ]=800mm/12.5= 64mm
[Height]= 3200mm/12.5=256mm

   4, [Save File] Save the config file, you can use next time with same connection.  You also can ingnore this step, and reset step by step for next use.

    5, [Send to HW], while above steps set up, click this button. Then the screen set well. All the connect panels should show same as computer 
    6, Click [Save] to finish the setting