Outdoor Rental LED Video Display

Flexible,Curved, transparent LED panel outdoor series:  (P18mm, 37.5mm)
 1,Zeus series Flexible led display, the max transparence is 70%,
 2, IP65, wind resistance outdoor and also convenient for innovation of stage designer.
 3,They are flexible for any shape installation,such as curved, circle, round led display;
 4, Thickness is only 2.5cm, you can move everywhere without difficulty.
 5, Pitch size available: 18.75mm,37.5mm

led curtain flexible display

flexible led curtain display outdoor

Control system:
zeus Flexible LED screen curtain control system
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Zeus outdoor led display panel size:
1, Zeus-18mm: 1.2 by 0.3 meter wide
2, Zeus-37.5mm, 1.2 by 0.6 meter wide

Zeus project video-IP67: