Video Grid, Pixel dot string

1, Video Grid Module screen: (Pitch size 10mm,25mm,37.5mm)
(Easy DIY module solution system for building,showroom and club decoration)

1, Flexibility for any shape desk,wall,ceiling, stair decoration; 
2,  Only 0.1 kg per module; 80 sq.m in one case;
3, Flexible and easy installation;
4, Fast module link way;

5, DMX system, DVI, network control system.

2, Front view of video grid:
3, Easy Module  link: 
4, Fast installation:
5, Flexible projects:

6, video grid screen link:

2, Flexible LED dot string screen: (Pitch size  50mm,75mm,100mm,150mm...)
   (Easy DIY screen solution system for building and club decoration)

1, Design flexibility for irregulary shapes; 
2,Light weight- 0.3KGS per 4m string dot;
3,Flexible and easy installation,high-brightness;
4,Outdoor application; One led in one node and 4 led in one node;

5,Wide- view angle
6,Computer control and independent system;

2, Pixel near view of DOT screen:

        One SMD LED in one dot                                       Four SMD LED in one dot(Outdoor)
3,Pixel dome for outdoor:                                                    
4,Dot string in the water:

5,Project photo of LED dot display:

Soft LED dot string sphere screen
6, Control system:

7, Video of LED dot screen: