Video of flexible LED curtain display

Project video all over the world:

1, Carrie Underwood LED curtain dress

2, Feed Me DJ world Tour show

Galaxias series Flexible LED screen: (Pitch4mm,6mm,7.8mm,9mm,12mm,16mm)

Outdoor video effect :  6mm,


1, Galaxias series quality test:

2, Galaxias-3, P3mm

3, Galaxias-4, P4.6mm

4, Galaxias-6.25mm

5, Galaxias-7.8mm:

6, Galaxias-12.5mm:

7, Galaxias-16,P16mm:

Rubik series Foldable LED curtain: (Pitch6mm,10mm)

1,Rubik-6, P6.64mm video:


Video Grid  series:( P25mm,P37.5mm)

1, VG-25

FLC series Flexible LED curtain series: (Pitch18mm,20mm...100mm)

1, Quality Test  firstly:

2, 18mm led curtain video:

3, 20mm led curtain video:

4, 20mm Triangle led curtain:

5, 25mm led curtain video:

6, 25mm led curtain video:

7, 37.5mm led curtain video:
8, 50mm led curtain video:

9, 75mm led curtain video:

Apollo series Transparent  LED curtain screen:

1, Apollo-20mm:

2, Apollo-31.25mm:

3, Apollo-37.5mm:
Zeus series outdoor flexible LED panel display:

1,Zeus-18mm Flexible LED Curtain Panel:

2,Zeus-20mm Flexible LED panel-IP67:

Flexible LED Dot series Pixel Matrix String LED screen:

1,Flexible Dot-75mm LED dot-1: