Soft rubber flexible LED screen module for creative installation

 Rubber flexible LED screen module, Pitch 4mm, 6mm
  • Extreme soft, any shapes can be made.

  • Light weight, 0.2Kgs per module. 

  • 5mm thickness, Space free installation.

Glass transparent LED curtain display different from cabinet LED screen

Forecast the trend, Experience the difference

Never be the same.

In recent years, the more tall and mordern building, the more Trans-eyes series glass LED display comes from huasun, why is it so popular? Let’s figure it out. Follow me please.

Trans-eyes series glass LED display can turn any glass window facade into a advertising LED display while not concealing the light in it. Mount it behind windows, the finished solution is free from visible cabling and delivers a HD video, transparent viewing experience for those within the building. The aluminum frame provide a modern feel while less than one 32mm thin provides an elegant, compact structural appearance. Join with us, experience the difference.

Window glass transparent LED screen

Transparent Glass LED display for shopping mall,shops,auto car exhibition,building windows......

Our Differences: 

1, Transparency reach to 85% ;

2, 7000 nit brightness, weight 5 Kilograms per module;

3, Thickness 20 mm;

4, Hanging, stacking installation for more app.


Project video in airport:

Product video link:

Pixel strip LED module screen display released

Pixel strip LED module screen display released, it is designed for rental, trade show market. here is the features below:

1, Double-sides is only 15mm thickness, it is ideal products for video wall;

2, Pitch size,strip length is custom made, one strip can be 4m, 6m, 12m;

3, 85% transparency ;

4, Fast setup and uninstall , cable free connection;

Video link:

Soft LED curtain screen VS Hard solid LED panel display

Here is the photo for comparison of Soft LED curtain screen VS Hard solid LED panel display

FAQ-Soft/Folding LED curtain for your tours,event,live show,project

1,Feature of FLC Series LED Curtain: 
1.Soft and flexible

2,Any custom shape:(Circle,triangle,cone,cylinder,ellipse...)

3,Easy installation: (Hang on truss via belt and hook)
4,Big panel size which is fast to install for a large screen with simple connection:
2,FAQ: How to find good pitch size curtain for your stage event,live show,projects?

1, First of all, Pitch size means the distance between the center of two SMD LED.

2, The 6mm is the best resolution of FLC series till now as soft curtain screen must to be light weight for installation,transportation.

3,Pitch size available: 6mm,7.8mm,12.5mm,16mm,18mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,37.5mm,50mm,100mm...

4,Choose the resolution for stage application:
   1, Pitch size 6mm,7.8mm,12mm,16mm is good for video,movie,live show,HD image,advertisement,they are all 10,000Hz refresh rate.(Minimum order is 5 square meters for good demo or show)
    2, Pitch size 18mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,37.5mm,50mm,75mm,100mm is better for effects,graphic,logo,simple image show.(Minimum order is 10-15 square meters for better demo or stage application)

5, Weather protection: ( Indoor or outdoor)
    1,The curtain IP is 54,Water-proof, fire-proof Certificate.
    2,The curtain is good for indoor  and temporary outdoor for a few days.

6, Working hours and temperature:
    The curtain can work on 24 hours every day,every month,every year.
    Working temperature is from -20 degree to 50 degree.
7,How to get a quote from us?
   1,the pitch size you need or project information
   2,the height and wide of led curtain or stage
   3,Shipping address in detail.
8, Warranty:
    1, One year warranty
    2, Free spare parts come with each order
    3, Free train at factory
    4, 24 hours technical support

How to setup software-LED SHOW-T9 for HC-102 receiving card?

1,How to install and set up software LED SHOW-T9 for HC-102 receiver quickly:
  Note: (Important)
 1,The network card of your computer must be 1000mbps or GIGABIT speed;
 2,Computer display resolution: 1024 by 768

1.Install the LED show; Pls download from:

2.Open the software: LED show,(open as a administrator if you use Vista,Win7,If you can not install software on win7, pls install the file for win7 from that software link)

3. Click: Control(C)

4.Choose: Screen management(L);

5,Choose: Use net card, choose Gigabit ethernet Nic

6. Click: LED1, -(left corner of window)

7.Click: Config Selected one...

8. Fill in the password: T9; Click: OK, Click: Yes.

9. Click: Load... -(Button which is at the bottom of this window);

10.Load the "FILE FOR T9.DAT" files I supply for you.

11.Click: Send to receiving card; click: OK;

12.Click:Save on receiver.

2,The way to adjust the right size for your curtain:

1.Install the LED show;

2.Open the software: LED show,(open as a administrator if you use Vista,Win7)

3. Click: Control(C)

4.Choose: Screen management(L);

5. Click: LED1 (left corner of window);

6.Click: Config Selected one...

7.Fill in the password: T9; Click: OK, Click: Yes.

8,Click: Connect setting: setup the right size-Height and Wide pixels of your curtain;

9, Click: Send to receiving card

3,How to use the software with Madrix or arkaos Grand VJ.resolume or other third-party player? 

1, Open the software to choose Capture screen model

2, Pls move the Madrix or arkaos software play area to fix the software-T9 after you setup and close it.